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The “Hunter” Signature Belgian Penny Loafer

5,612,000 VNĐ



Made from one of best bovine suede leathers from Italy, ADT has taken the leather 1 step further in developing and cutting down the thickness to make the shoe feel almost like a sock or second skin. Our signature penny mask is iconic and emblematic too the ADT brand in that the circular half moon Hat like penny opening mimics the 1/2 moon on the Heel

Lift completing the Full circle. The 1/2 moon opening was created and designed in so that it will show off the numerical value of the Vietnamese Dong coins or other currency coins when the client wishes too insert them. A signature detail only those who buy ADT will understand and recognize.

All the upper, Lining & sock leathers are 100% imported from Italy and are using the finest grades and qualities.

Our signature calf skin lining in Vertigo Green is also made from the finest natural grain calf skin and is produced and dyed exclusively for ADT.


Color: Olive Leaf

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